Patina ~ Many of my pieces are darkened or patina'd. Over time, the patina can wear off. To keep the patin longer lasting, avoid wearing your jewelry in the water. If the patina does wear off and you would like it darker, please contact me and we can get it back to that dark metal. 

Copper Jewelry ~ Copper is a naturally occurring element in the body. Wearing copper is actually shown to have positive healing aspects by allowing absorption into the skin. The downfall to copper is that it can leave marks on the skin of some individuals. These marks are harmless and can be washed away with soap. If the copper tends to leave a mark on your skin that you are not happy with, you can coat the metal in a clear coat of nail polish to avoid the metal touching your skin. To this day, I have had no complaints about this, but I just want to put it out there. 

Broken Jewelry ~ I work hard to make each piece strong and sturdy. I use strong chain and close links tight to avoid breaking. That being said, in the jewelry business, it is possible that jewelry breaks. Please contact me right away if this happens so that we can resolve the issue.